Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cosmopolitan Fashion Show

The other week myself and a few others got invited to the Cosmopolitan Fash Fest, Fashion Show event, the day whizzed past in a blur, I had awoken that morning adamant I would spend the day sorting out the necessities for the following evening, but typically nothing was sorted so there was of course the last minute dash 

Becky came to mine before hand so we could riffle through clothes, change our minds last minute then have the opportunity to dash out the door like headless chickens together to an awaiting Uber car 

Now before I get ahead of myself and tell you about our extraordinary driver for the evening I chose to wear;

Ted Baker two piece suit and blouse, my comfiest suede shoes from Pull & Bear, Russell & Bromley clutch, with the ever essential jewellery from Banana Republic and Links 

After a hectic throwing on of our fits we were confronted by the most charming driver to wiz us off to the event that evening, he pulled up in an immaculately clean Mercedes perfectly blacked out so no one could see Becky and I's last minute makeup Mayhem, and before we knew it we were there 

As we stepped into the VIP area we were met by numerous well known faces within the fashion industry as well as iconic Celebrity figures 

As the evening commenced we were faced with numerous photo opportunities that Becky and I just couldn't turn down 

Smile for the Camera.. 

After numerous poses here and there, we were escorted through to our table 

The room was lit up with hundreds of little LED lights, as we were sat there looking at the sky we were dazzled with twinkles here, there and every where 

But I must apologise my attention was instantly lost when a topless model came striding down the catwalk 

The evening was being hosted by none other than the beautiful Laura Whitmore as well as featuring M.O the new up and coming girl band 

But thats not the best part, the evening was hosting an hour long catwalk show featuring well known brands such as Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Very, f&f and the list goes on 

As the show came to an end we all filed back out to the entrance area where we were faced with photo booths, free Bars, supper as well as makeup, hair and tanning booths 

Becky and I had our fair share of free drinks and photo booth fun then caught the first car out of there to zoom over to Kings Road to finish of our evenings antics 

But I can't finish before showing you my favourite photo of the evening, with my gorgeous LCS, London College of Style girlies 

Oh and I almost forget to mention the highlight of the evening, the goody bags! oh my they were filled with goodies to say the least

If only I could smuggle all of these home with me, I would have enough Urban Decay, Tooth Paste and Nail Varnish to last me my life time 

Maybe next time hey? 

All in all the evening was a roaring success, hundreds of people turned up bubbly and excited and left just as high spirited 

But for me the main highlight of the evening was my bed at 3am, when I tried my hardest to sneak in like a ninja obviously being well and truly unsuccessful 

It was defiantly an evening to remember, until next year Cosmo 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Buffet fit for a King

After a long few weeks in London the only thing I needed was a home prepared buffet fit for a king, so that is exactly what I organised 

We had a house full so I created a monster of a meal 

So as I write this post, I am sat here full to the brim on scotch eggs, Melon and Parma Ham whilst watching 'The Life of Pi' this film is strongly recommended! 

I really do question at times why I am so easily entertained.. 

Im sorry I just couldn't resist showing you my monster of a luncheon 

I was quite impressed with my master piece

Anyway there will be a proper post from me later today 

hows everyone else's sunday going? 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Essie, Mind Your Mittens

I recently got asked to do a review on the Essie Nail Polish range, ever since my sister introduced me to their Nail varnish's I've been hooked, they have every colour you can think of from metallics, to Nude to bold statement colours 

For this post I have decided to focus on Essie's 'Mind Your Mittens' Nail colour collection

It is a deep rich green/blue that shimmers in the light

Sound incredible, just you wait till you see it on...

I usually chose light and summery colours as it elongates my fingers however I thought I would push the boat out and hop on board the dark wintery shades 



It dried in a matter of seconds and yes I am one of those girls that during a manicure fidgets and smears the nail varnish over anything within a foot's reach 

Hence why Essie's products are excellent for me so I don't have to flap my arms around looking like a failed attempt to learn how to fly whilst trying to get them to dry quickly 

I mean even my little gem Tiggy approves 

She thinks its PAW-FECT 

To get this excellent colour follow the link below 


There is plenty more beauty blog posts coming your way shortly 

The Hardwick, Charity Gala Dinner

A little while ago we got asked to attend yet another of Steven Terry's celebrity dinner's however, this time it wasn't a reunion of old chef's it was for the Charity Gala Dinner 

One of the main reason's this event was even more special than usual was because it was my sister Lauren's big 25! 

The guest chef's making an appearance that evening were Stephen himself, producing yet another excellent dish, but ill tell you all about that later, Kevin Gratton, Andrew Pern, James Mackenzie, Ben Tish and last but certainly not least Dominic Chapman 

The evening started with glasses of champagne upon arrival, but let me stop myself right there and rewind a few minutes previously for this amazing evening I chose to wear a very rushed outfit that comprised of

Mango Tuxedo Blazer, Karen Millen Skirt, Zara Top, Gucci Heels 

Anyway fast forward back to where I was previously we were handed large glasses of Champagne as we stepped foot through the door, and in my honest opinion what better way to start off an evening of excitement and plenty of food 

We sipped on our champagne then got taken through to our table, after finally making a decision about who is to sit where we sat down and where presented with the monstrous menu on offer that evening 

The courses all varied considerably from fish to steak, to Foie gras  to crumble 

To start the evening off Stephen introduced himself to those in the audience who wasn't entirely sure of his interesting and motivational history to get to where he is today

Then the first chef appeared Kevin Gratton, he is the Executive Chef Director of the Hix group in London, know we all know how exceptional the food is there so as soon as I read his name I got extremely excited 

I did sneak a little whisper over to my parents and let them know that I would be visiting his restaurant in London imminently and would they love to pay for me! the answer I got was a grunt and a groan but eventually I persuaded them 

Kevin's course consisted of De Beavoir Salmon 'His' Cure and Severn Wye Smoked Eel with Shaved Fennel, Pickled Cucumber and Rye Bread 

I am just going to apologise about the quality of photo's my flash broke just before this event! to say I was gutted was an understatement 

The next course to come was from Andrew Pern, Andrew is from the Star Inn and The Star Inn the City, Yorkshire 

His course conceded of Grilled Black Pudding, Pan Fried Foie gras, Pickering Watercress, Apple & Vanilla Chutney & Scrumpy reduction 

This course definitely had me thinking every mouthful, I am a real anti black pudding girl however, I ignored my head telling me to not eat it and dug in! and surprisingly enough when all the flavours were combined it created a tasty dish 

After Andrew's interesting yet excellent course we were treated to James Mackenzie's course. James is from The Pipe and Glass Inn, South Dalton, Yorkshire 

The course he was offering consisted of North Sea Mackerel Tartare with Smoked Mackerel Scotch Egg & Gooseberry Ketchup 

After 3 courses we hit the middle marker, and it was the course I was most excited about Stephen Terry's 

On our last Celebrity Chef's dinner Stephen produced one of my favourite dishes so I was unbelievably excited about what was to come 

His dish was a beautifully cooked Johnny Morris Fillet of Beef and Merthyr Bread 'n' Beef, Potato Dauphine, Sprouting Broccoli and Heritage Carrots 

I mean how scrummy does this dish look! what I would do right now to  have that in front of me mmmm 

Our 5th dish to come was from ben Tish, on our last dinner he produced yet another excellent dish full of beautiful flavours and textures, So his dish to come this evening excited me 

Ben Tish is the Executive Chef Director of the Salt Yard Group, London

He chose to serve us Aged Manchego and Ermensenda Rarebit with Salt Yard 5 year old Jambon Iberico De Bellota, Caramelised Apple Puree, Heritage Radish and Watercress 

For someone like me who isn't a keen fan of Cheese this dish really surprised me, the flavours all worked perfectly together creating a whirlwind of flavours in my mouth 

At this stage I was becoming very full, so the last course was the one I had been waiting for the entire night, the one I was most excited about mostly because it consisted of Pudding, and I am a real pudding lover 

This course was from none other than Dominic Chapman, Chef Patron at The Beehive, Maidenhead, Berkshire. His dish was short yet sweet 'Blackberry Trifle'

My favourite, the dish arrived and it was piled high with berries, cream and crumble with a beautifully crunchy top 

After finishing the last mouthful of our mammoth food experience we all sat there feeling totally impressed with ourselves 

After a while we all headed into the bar where the Chef's were signing their own personal books as well as other books they have featured in 

In all the evening was yet another great success, every individual enjoyed themselves and the food was exceptional, a big congratulations to the team at the Hardwick and of course the featured Chef's 

We grabbed a car to take us home, and as soon as I stepped foot through the front door I was up the stairs and my head was sinking into the pillow minutes later 

I look forward to the next exceptional evening the Hardwick Host 

Until Next time...