Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Quarterdeck Bar

Whilst in Malta we paid numerous visits to one specific bar, it was located at the Hilton in Portomaso the reason this bar interested me so much was the decor 

Whilst you sat there drinking your drink you were taken on a journey through star signs, as well as seeing little ships drift past you... Okay your probably wondering what the heck I am on about, I feel this post will be predominately images as they tell the story far better than I ever could 

Just imagine yourself sat there with a Gin and Tonic in hand, or a Whisky in my father case, with the Marina to your left featuring numerous ginormous yachts and fish meandering there way around, and above you the ceiling all scrawled with images and writing 

Right in the middle of all of these star signs if a truly huge sun looking down on you 

Whilst scattered around the room are vintage crafted boats 

Could you not just spend hours in this bar staring at the ceiling, I don't know about you but it kept me entertained for a very very long time 

It seemed like a work of art to me, the drawings above you worked so well with the vibe of the bar, as well as the bar its self stretching half way around the room, made out of vintage marble featuring hundreds of different liquors and wines 

If you ever pay a visit to the Hilton be sure to spend a little while in their bar, but to be warned the drinks are not cheap and their measures, well Ill let you see if you can figure that trick out yourself... 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sunrise in Portomaso

I know this post is well over due, but I have had a back log of pictures all piled up in my albums and I thought it was about time I showed all of you out there the beauty behind Malta 

I had never been before however, my parents were every year which has some what become a tradition in my family, so last year I found myself hopping aboard that wagon and jetting off to get some sun on my skin 

It amazed me that a 2 and a half hour flight can land you in a country that houses such beautiful architecture, sun that is shining all day in October! and the sea so blue you can see metres and metres down 

Whilst on our week adventure there, I decided one morning I was going to wake up early and venture down to the harbour to see the fisherman preparing themselves for a day of fishing. The sun hadn't yet risen and the town was as quiet as can be, I found a brilliant little cafe that sold fresh juices next to the harbour, so I grabbed a juice and began walking 

There is something so tranquil about that time in the morning, if only I was a morning person 

I spend about an hour just walking around the harbour, looking at the beautifully painted boats and soaking up the morning sun 

I feel the images speak louder than words on this occasion, the sun was shining off the water creating the most breath taking reflections of the rippling morning water, the fisherman waved at you and shouted good morning as you walked past 

As I made my way around the marina I was able to physically watch the sun slowly rising, until I eventually done a loop and the sun was up and shining, the restaurants were beginning to open and more and more people begun to appear 

If you have never been to Malta you must go, it is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, all the architecture is breath taking and the weather is nearly always brilliant 

I can't actually wait to return later this year, my camera had better be ready to be used to death as this is one holiday were it comes everywhere with me, I wouldn't want to miss out on a photo opportunity now would I? 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Street Style 21/1/15

I am wearing; 

Jumper: Karen Millen 

Skirt: Marks and Spencer 

Boots: Vince Camut 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Saatchi Gallery

Have you ever been to the Saatchi Gallery? if not then go...

The gallery couldn't be placed in a better area just off Kings Road, it is surrounded by boutiques which sell some of the most beautiful garments, as well as restaurants and cafe's that prize themselves on selling unbelievably mouth watering delicacies 

So after an exciting, liberating and eventful walk around the gallery you can immerse yourself in the Kings Road excitement 

Now ill try not to go to far off the point, the Saatchi Gallery was opened by Charles Saatchi in 1985 in order to exhibit his collection to the general public, and ever since this gallery has been the housing for some iconic and truly remarkable exhibitions 

I luckily chose a beautifully scorching summers day to pay a visit, so I reluctantly made my way past eye catching boutiques and up to these large human like figurines made out of rusted brass

The pictures don't show you just quite how big these statues are 

I made my way into the gallery, up the vast marble steps, in-between the ginormous pillars and through the large double doors, I was instantly hit with numerous different exhibitions on offer, luckily I had an entire day free so I thought I would venture through all the rooms and take in every little bit of art the gallery had to offer 

The first room I made my way through made you feel as if you were stepping into an ants nest, their were ants crawling up the wall, hanging down above you, you felt submerged, and some what as if you were in Bug's life, anyone else remember that film? what a classic 

As I stood looking over the impactful exhibit it some what gave me chills throughout, it resembled the scene in Harry Potter when Harry, Hermione and Ron get stuck in the forest and the spiders appear from everywhere 

That scene has always creeped me out.... 

I made a fleeting exit to the next room, where some what of a more relaxing vibe was portrayed 

Can you ever have to much graffiti in one room? I think not 

I find graffiti such a beautiful art form, it takes such a talent to create such a scrawl, and I find it's always filled with hidden secret throughout 

After taking more and more photo's of the art work, I made my way through to the next room, this was some what simpler compared to the previous exhibits, it just had a single brick ball sat in the centre of the room 

But I don't know about you, I would totally have this as a feature piece in my house

After spending a little to long trying to figure out what exactly this piece of art represented I made my way onto room 5 

This exhibit in some way followed on from the graffiti one, as it was another form of art where an individual has scribbled on canvas yet has made it into something I personally would quite like on my wall 

The next exhibit had the biggest punch I feel, due to myself being some what of a camera nerd I loved the fact that this range of art work was photographs so it allowed the individual to be expressed naturally and showing real emotion, rather than that of an artists expression 

How unbelievable are these images.... 

This artist has a serious talent for catching an image just at the right time, and telling a deep and meaningful story through the most minute details 

I was coming to the end of my journey around the gallery, I had climbed numerous floors, zipped up a few lifts and looked down over the teetering edges, I then finally came to the last room, it left me feeling confused to say the least, I still now don't quite understand the meaning behind this piece 

But surely the artist has succeed as I came away questioning it, thats what they want right? 

The entire room was filled with old potato sacks, some with scribble on some without, all ripped and torn yet it created a room filled with an atmosphere, I felt it carried me straight into the olden days for some reason, submerged in the era of WW1, I honestly couldn't tell you why, but thats how I felt 

I left the Saatchi Gallery feeling well educated, wiser and more in tune with the artistic way. I still now looking back at it believe the photographers work was most impactful, I wish I had written down who each individuals exhibits were, but when I visited it was a while back and the website no longer tell you unfortunately 

However, they always have new and exciting exhibits at the gallery, so it is definitely worth taking a few hours out of your day and venturing over there

If you fancy a few hours out of the office then head on over, I shall attach a link HERE to their website so you can have a little nosey at whats on offer