An Over View Of 2014

I know this is well over due but for the last two weeks of January have been the busiest two weeks of the year. I don't want to give to much away as there will be an exciting post up later this week explaining all 

2014 was an unbelievable year, to me it seemed a year that couldn't stop giving. every time I thought I had come to a wall an opportunity opened up, I met some new amazing people and was able to embark upon a once in a lifetime adventure 

So I am sat here now, absolutely shattered after the last two weeks, and I thought now is the time to give you a little insight into 2014 for me. 

In August 2013 I got the incredible opportunity to visit Australia with a friend of mine, we had planned to get an apartment, work and explore and that certainly went to plan, looking back on it now it was one of the best experiences I have ever had 

Of course my year started with the first two weeks yet again being manic, but my lips are sealed on that matter for a little while longer...

But wait I am jumping the gun slightly, Due to so many incredible things happening I am going to narrow it down to my top 10 moments, in no particular order 

So here goes... 

Number 1. Right at the chart topper was Australia, the whole experience allowed me to not only delve into the lifestyle of living on your own, having to fend for yourself and deal with nightmare estate agents, it also let me meet some of the most incredible people, which I can now say one of which is my closest and bestest friend 

Whilst in Australia I got to visit Sydney, Dive the Great Barrier Reef and have my first Christmas away from home 

Number 2. Bali, We flew out to Bali at the end of our 9 month Australia Stint, our travels found us visiting Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Seminyak and Ubud however the highlights were Riding an Elephant for the first time, and visiting the Monkey Forest Temple 

Number 3. Started up my blog, this has allowed me to let my friends and family have an insight into my travels, as well as meet some amazing new bloggers from all around the world

Number 4. Attended London College of Style, I embarked upon a 3 months short course in Fashion Styling, it allowed me to dive head first into the Fashion industry, as well as develop my portfolio and work with industry professionals 

Number 5. Attended London Fashion Week

Number 6. My Editorial Shoots were published 

Number 7. Malta, every year my family and I venture to Malta for 10 days to celebrate my dad's birthday however this year I had a blog to keep exciting, so our adventures expanded and photo's came streaming in 

Number 8. Dubai, this is always a char topper on family holiday's it is some what of a tradition for me, we venture to our favourite places, eat at our favourite restaurants and of course endure my nagging of wanting to go to Wild Wadi, I never grow up...

Number 9. My Friends, throughout 2014 there were of course up's and down's but throughout all these individuals were there to keep my laughing, take me out and about and prepared to have some fun 

Number 10. Last but certainly not least, I got my incredible early 21st Birthday present 

Last year was one of my best years I have ever had, it seemed to go from great to even better so quickly however, 2015 is going to top that I am sure of it, I have a few little plans up my sleeve to make this one a good'en 

I woke up New years morning and something loomed upon me, its a new year so its a new start, I set myself 2 New Years Resolutions 

1) To get fit - which up until now is going seemingly well 

2) To only spend time with people that make me happy, I am saying good bye to those in 2014 that caused me pain and grief and hello to those in 2015 that will allow me to have fun! 

Whats your new years resolutions?