Beach Blanket Babylon

I apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have had the craziest two weeks of the year with work so I have just now been able to sit down for an hour or so and escape to write this post 

Whilst I studied in London for three months I kept telling myself I would venture to Nottinghill and visit Beach Blanket Babylon However, after spending two consecutive days there shooting my Editorial Styling work I begun to know the menu inside out and back to front

My parents popped up for the day and I thought I would take them to a restaurant that was edgy, classy and classic, and thats when Beach Blanket Babylon came into mind 

We arrived fingers crossed that there would be a table available, and luckily there was, we weaved our way through the restaurant, passing numerous ginormous fire places, over rope bridges and thats no joke this restaurant is full of surprises, then climbed down a few more steps and emerged in a cave like room, the ceiling's were rounded with narrow entrances to the dining area

I had heard mixed reviews on the food so I was willing to try it due to the decor winning me over.

We grabbed our seat in the empty room and started scouring the menu, a few things caught my eye instantly, so I was rather excited about what was to come

We ordered our starters, and before they had time to arrive I was insistent on going for an explore, the whole restaurant resembled some what of a hidden castle, there were caves that sat numerous tables within, as well as massive open fire places that looked through to the next room, the whole place was full of surprises 

For starters my parents opted for the meat platter to share, it came with 4 different meats as well as cheeses and dips 

Whilst I went for the Ham Hock, the knight in shining armour on this dish was the maple covered Walnut's honestly try making these at home they are to die for 

In between mouthfuls of food I dug into my glass of wine

At this time the restaurant was beginning to fill up slowly, more and more tables behind me were rustling around as chairs were moved 

Our mains arrived shortly after, I went for the Cheese Ravioli, which was covered in a rich cheese sauce and had Sundried tomatoes scattered throughout 

Whilst my parents yet again went for the same dish the Big juicy Beef burger

We all dug in quickly, occasionally looking up for confirmation from each other that the food was good 

Unfortunately we couldn't stay to long, as had to make it back to Wales before dark, however next time I will be insistent on having a drink at the bar 

The staff were really friendly and efficient, my only negative comment was the food was very expensive for what it was, it seemed to me you were paying for the ambiance of the restaurant as it was so different to that of a normal restaurant 

We grabbed the bill and made our way out, en route back to the car I had to stop and have a few sneak peaks in shop window's lusting at what I wanted to buy next time I visited 

Nottinghill really is a beautiful place, it is full of incredible boutiques full of hidden gem's as well as restaurants that serve food you would die for! If you want to go for a drink in a place that has an excellent atmosphere and decor then Beach Blanket Babylon is the place for you however, if you are wanting to devour a mammoth supper filled with delicious delicacies then I recommend visiting some where else