Burger and Lobster

For months now I have wanted to visit Burger and Lobster, but after numerous attempts of making my way to the restaurant dotted all around London and failing due to the Lack of Time and well me being Lazy I gave up

I ventured home the other day, to some great news from my parents that Burger and Lobster had just opened up their chain restaurant in Cardiff, well that was a win win really, I knew exactly where it was, and I visit Cardiff weekly so what better.... 

We made our way in and ventured up the wooden stairs to the hall of Lobster glory, Now just warning you this post may be slightly Shellfish of my behalf, as there will be plenty of Food Lust going on 

We were instantly seated, and faced with an array of people all laughing and joking around on tables strewn all over the ginormous restaurant, and no joke put all the Burger and Lobster restaurants together in London and this would probably just about match the size of the Cardiff one 

We were put on a table right by the window, so we could watch the unhappy shoppers blaze the storm to grab some Boxing day bargains  

I knew this restaurant was a good choice as they instantly gave us a wet wipe, as well as a bib! which for future reference I am such a messy person when eating, no matter how hard I try my white shirt will always find the food 

One of my real struggles is picking the right dish off a menu, so Burger and Lobster have it down to a fine T, three options for food, what better? 

The options are a deliciously juicy and succulent Beef Burger, with the choice of adding Cheese and Bacon on top 

A truly mouth watering Lobster roll in a sweet Brioche bun 

And last but certainly not least a massive, rosy pink Lobster 

Well I say it was an easy choice, it really wasn't,

I sat there for a few minutes deliberating over what to go for, after a unanimous vote from the rest of the table I decided to go for the Lobster Burger 

I put on my bib and prepared myself for the mammoth food marathon 

Each dish came with a side salad and chips, while the Lobster Burger comes with a delicious lemon and mayonnaise sauce to add to your concoction, they really have got the menu down to a fine art 

However before you dig in let me run you through the must do's before consuming... 

Firstly take the brioche bun out of the case, you just can't get your hands around it properly and look at it from every angle if you keep it in 

Secondly Grab your lemon and squirt a generous amount over your Lobster 

Now thirdly, this is the most important phase..... 


In between mouthfuls of Lobster, I was sipping on my deliciously Pineappley cocktail 

The first mouthful I devoured hit me with so many flavours, the sweetness of the brioche complimented the creamy succulent meat of the Lobster 

Around the table we were all oohing and ahhing at the mouthfuls we were consuming of the delicious delicacies put before us 

My mother and father opted for the Burger whilst my sister joined my side of the table and went for the Lobster Roll 

Next time however I will definitely be opting for the entire lobster, so I can venture further afield 

Has anyone else been to Burger and Lobster, I would love to know what your favourite dish is?