Sunrise in Portomaso

I know this post is well over due, but I have had a back log of pictures all piled up in my albums and I thought it was about time I showed all of you out there the beauty behind Malta 

I had never been before however, my parents were every year which has some what become a tradition in my family, so last year I found myself hopping aboard that wagon and jetting off to get some sun on my skin 

It amazed me that a 2 and a half hour flight can land you in a country that houses such beautiful architecture, sun that is shining all day in October! and the sea so blue you can see metres and metres down 

Whilst on our week adventure there, I decided one morning I was going to wake up early and venture down to the harbour to see the fisherman preparing themselves for a day of fishing. The sun hadn't yet risen and the town was as quiet as can be, I found a brilliant little cafe that sold fresh juices next to the harbour, so I grabbed a juice and began walking 

There is something so tranquil about that time in the morning, if only I was a morning person 

I spend about an hour just walking around the harbour, looking at the beautifully painted boats and soaking up the morning sun 

I feel the images speak louder than words on this occasion, the sun was shining off the water creating the most breath taking reflections of the rippling morning water, the fisherman waved at you and shouted good morning as you walked past 

As I made my way around the marina I was able to physically watch the sun slowly rising, until I eventually done a loop and the sun was up and shining, the restaurants were beginning to open and more and more people begun to appear 

If you have never been to Malta you must go, it is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, all the architecture is breath taking and the weather is nearly always brilliant 

I can't actually wait to return later this year, my camera had better be ready to be used to death as this is one holiday were it comes everywhere with me, I wouldn't want to miss out on a photo opportunity now would I?