Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a Festive Christmas, and a New Year to remember 

As its a new year I thought I would change a few little bits and bobs, the website is currently being re vamped so hopefully soon I will have a brand new shiny website which I am unbelievably excited about 

My blog is still just under a year old, its crazy to think this time last year I had no involvement in the  blogging world, I was minus numerous blogging friends as well as unable to share my love for Photography and fashion with all of you out there 

However, going into the new year I recently got told I post to much! and I should focus more on Quality over Quantity, which I certainly feel is true. But no comments are negative in my eye's so as of tomorrow I am only slightly cutting down on blog posts so that I can focus on each individual post to the best of my ability! 

I created this blog to allow you out there into my life, experience my daily antics as well as hop on board my whirl wind of an adventure! and I hope you are as excited as I am about the new and exciting year ahead of us