Hi all 

I know your thinking 'A Post its a miracle' I do apologise have been crazy busy with work and developing some new ideas. 

Also which I guess is big news re developing my blog/website, I am in the process of creating new ideas, a whole new layout, a whole new design, a whole new image. Which I am so excited about 

So bear with me, I will be back with even more fun packed contact showcasing some of my favourite street styles, my newest purchases, my travels this last year and also maybe showcasing some of my new photography. 

I have recently starting studying photography as it has always been a hobby of mine, so hopefully once my website is up and running I can begin to show you a few pieces, which I would love comments which may help me develop the image or give me some new exciting ideas 

Anyway, keep an eye out for this page! 
Theres exciting stuff to come in the next few months 

Lots of love